March 19th & April 2016 Barrel Racing Clinic

Lanette has over 30 years of experience teaching riders and horses barrel racing. Lanette has traveled all over the country working with the best barrel racers out there using the Tanner Time timing system to learn the science of speed in barrel racing and what makes a fast smooth run. Lanette has trained several barrel horses to be top completers in Rodeo and Barrel Racing across the country. Teaching with Lynn McKenzie for over ten years, working with Charmayne James and and other top barrel race trainers through out the years. Here at the Tanner Time training Center we will have arena time and class room time to study your runs on video. We can work with beginners to the barrel racer trying to find that half second in her run. You will learn about bits, saddles and equipment that helps your barrel horse to be the best they can be. Learn how to use round corral work to make your horse and you more responsive in the barrel pattern. If time allows we will go over barrel race training drills for you and your horse. And most important the mental game of barrel racing. 

$150 includes lunch  

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