“Happy New Year Special” on Cowgirl Candy Store.com

For 2017 I want to try something to promote my website www.cowgirlcandystore.com and bring great savings to my customers.  First for the month of January there will be no shipping cost on all items purchased from the store.  Shop now and pay no shipping.

The big sale for today, January 2nd until tomorrow at 5:00 PM is the Lynn McKenzie “Yes Ma’am bit”  On sale until January 3rd at 5:00 PM for $155.85 a thirty dollar savings and no shipping.

“Yes Ma’am” Bit

This bit sales for $185.95, and is a very poplar bit at Lynn McKenzie clinics and mine.

My thoughts on this bit, everyone needs one in their tack shed and trailer.  I have used this bit when I need control going to first barrel but want to still have lifting and turning ability through out the pattern.  By taking up or loosing up the curb chain on this bit controls the amount of whoa you have with your horse and lift.  When I need a horse to really break at the poll and get on its back in this is the bit I use.  With light hands this bit can be a secret weapon.