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3-3-18 Barrel Race Results & Points

Trophy Buckle for 2018 Winter 

First Race Results 3-3-18

2nd Race Results

Winter Series 2018 Points 3-3-18

We will be racing this Saturday March 10th.  Expect it to be a little windy but very warm temperatures.   We will have 30 minutes of ride times in the arena at 11:00 price $10 a horse.  We will start with exbs at 11:30.  Race at 1:00 PM  2nd Race at 2:30PM

Call before you haul if weather is bad.  719-469-3949



Ride Times added to barrel race tomorrow

Great weather report for Rocky Ford tomorrow, 62 degrees and sun shinning.  Shane and I have been asked to add ride times to our schedule for tomorrow.  So we will be scheduling them from 11:00 AM to 11:30 AM.  Ride times will be $10 a horse.  Exhibitions will than start at 11:30 AM and go until 12:15.  We will start the Pee Wees at 1:00 PM,  first race to start after that.  You get a free exhibition ticket if you enter before 12:00 PM.  We will also give the first person to buy something from the store 25% OFF on their purchase.  Come join the fun for a great double-header barrel race for tomorrow, Saturday Feb 17th.

2nd race to start at 2:00 PM with Pee Wees and then Open

You can e-mail me if you would like a ride time or enter the barrel races and then pay when you get there.  or text 719-469-3949

Saturday February 10th barrel race cancelled

Do to the bad weather report for Saturday February 10th’s barrel race will be cancelled.  We will see you all for the February 17th barrel race.  Remember these are all double headers, two races in one day and you can carry your time over to the 2nd race from the first race.  You do not have to run your horse twice unless you want to.  If you hit a barrel on your first run you can buy back into the second race with a $20 fee.  Praying for good weather for the 17th and all the Saturdays in February and March.  Tanner Time Training Center Winter Buckle Series.

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2-3-18 Results and Points for first race of series

We were blessed with the best weather last Saturday for our first race of 2018.  We had a good turn out and lots of fun.  Karisa Brookshire had not only a great birthday, and wedding anniversary but she also had a super day of barrel racing.  Winning both races on her horse Wrangler.  Congratulations Karisa and thanks for all your support with the Tanner Time Training Center barrel races and buckle series.

First Race Results        Second Race Results

Winter Series 2018 Points This is a buckle series and we give points 1 thru 10 to all participates that pay a one time buckle fee of $10 to go towards the buckle or buckles.  Due to the fact it is winter and we are a outdoor arena, weather cancellations are very high.  We will be giving a buckle to the high point rider and horse combination total for all the races.  If we are able to have several races we will consider awarding a Reserve buckle also.  Awards will be given to the winners of each D at the end of the series also.  You can pay your buckle fee anytime in the series to start receiving points.  We have 9 double header barrel races scheduled for a total of 18.  You must compete in 12 to qualify for awards.  For every race we have to cancel and don’t reschedule we will deduct 2 races from the qualifying number for awards.

Always call or check the Tanner Time Training Center Facebook page or Web site  if weather is questionable.   You can also text 719-469-3949

Barrel Race tomorrow Feb 3rd arena ready and sunshine

The arena is ready thanks to Shane’s hard work with the ground.  Parking will be in the South pasture for plenty of parking.  Worked up ground in the pasture will be the warm up area.  Lots of room to warm up.  Please no parking in the yard.

Cowgirl Candy Store will be open with a 25% discount given to the first customer of the day to buy something in the store. 

Temperature is going to be a high of 66 degrees

Exhibitions will be on the markers for real time only s.   Bring those young horses and see how they stack up to the Open runners.

Exhibitions will start at 11:00 AM

This will be our first race of the buckle series.  From this race we will determine if we can order a buckle for each division or one over all with a runner up? If you are wanting to be a part of the buckle series but cannot make tomorrows race please text me so I know to count you as a participate.  $10 one time buckle fee to have your points counted for the series.

We will have carry overs from your first race times to the second race.  If you hit a barrel you can also buy back in for the second race for a fee of $20.

If you have any questions call me at 719-469-3949, leave a message if I don’t answer please with call back info.

See you tomorrow for a great day of barrel racing.


What Is Lactic Acid and Why Is It a Problem?

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What Is Lactic Acid and Why Is It a Problem?

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Lactic Acid Build-up Treatment with Leg Saver:

Treat the Tip of the Tail, Sacroiliac, and Bai Hui points simultaneously with 5 electro-pads that run down the spinal cord to the base of the tail with the Leg Saver copper coupling that secures directing on the Tip of the Tail, for about an hour. Trot your horse during or immediately following the treatment for half an hour to enhance its effectiveness. Treatment should be administered 3 days prior to the race or event, as well as the day before the event and always the day following. Maintain trotting for a couple of days post-race or event as well.

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