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ULCERS – A problem for 90% of performance horses.

“Every hour, the parietal cells lining a horse’s stomach secrete more than 6 cups of concentrated acid – it’s part of the digestive processes of an animal meant to graze all day and all night. A constant supply of food passing through the stomach requires a constant supply of acid to help digest it.”
– Rex Ewing – Formulator of Formula 707 ULZERless

The modern horse has a different life than a wild horse or most pastured horses:

  • Limited access to pasture on which to graze;
  • Less frequent feeding (typically only 2-3 times per day);
  • High grain diets;
  • Stress from training, travel and competition.

Horses under these conditions frequently begin to exhibit signs of gastric problems and discomfort:

  • Weight Loss
  • Irritability
  • Poor appetite
  • Lack of Energy

Formula 707 ULZERless was specifically developed to address these symptoms, aid in digestion and ease the often damaging effects of acid on the stomach lining. In an independent clinical study of horses exhibiting signs of gastric discomfort (led by veterinarian Dr. Joe Stricklin), Formula 707 ULZERless was effective in supporting a healthy stomach in 100% of the horses tested.

An affordable, effective and 100% GUARANTEED way to maintain stomach health, Formula 707 ULZERless is available for less than $2 per day, and is safe and recommended for continuous feeding.

Formula 707 ULZERless … veterinary-approved, clinically researched, and remarkably effective … The best choice for performance horses or those that exhibit signs of gastric issues.

Contact me today for your formula 707 ULZERless product sold at the Cowgirl Candy Store.

SECCC Results

Here are the results for the Lamar barrel race for 5-7-17

Results for 5-7-17

1D 1st8Lanette PritchardFirewaters Faith17.845129
221Nicole WaggonerBB French Stix18.00677
332Shali LordSC Boys Look at Me18.21951
47Shali LordSC Thunder Under Me18.287
2D 1st11Dwana SalisburyGentlemans Dash18.347111
21Talara CoenWin18.43366
317Angie HossEyesa Frosty18.4544
427Jennifer BakerOkey By Me18.795
510Sky PharoMaiden St Safari18.804
3D 1st2Sky PharoFreckles Pistol Annie18.88974
212Dani HeinrichKJ Diamond Jim19.22144
315Justina MundellDiesel19.22929
419Tammi TravisLightening19.302
523Sarah TrosperFaith19.324
4D 1st29Cathy BrooksTJO Bully's Legacy19.49955
224Zoey KinkelDoseys Invested Debt19.51733
35Tracy HousholderSteel Sassy19.63622
447Dwana SalisburyM'Lady20.057
559Karisa BrookshirePickles20.095
634Kim PattonCash20.189
718Leeann RidleyMoolah20.372
850Leeann RidleyTom20.378
914Katrina JoinerMr. Tru Blackhock20.94
1037Katrina JoinerFanci21.485
1143Tracy HousholderFlash of Two Eyed Jack21.565
3Karisa BrookshireWrangler99.99919.11
4Cathy BrooksCrandie Beliza99.99919.562
6Harley AnsteadMiss Dancing Twisty99.99921.283
9Rajeana ThompsonLone Star Feature99.99919.439
22Karisa BrookshireScotchy99.99918.07
30Leslie MorrisCleats Bully99.999
45Julie DorenkampRita99.99920.398
49Nicole WaggonerBoogies Miss Behaven99.99931.561
60Jaelin ParkerDaisy99.99919.465

Schedule for 2017 Saddle Series 2017 Saddle Series Schedule PDF

Tanner Time Training Center Happenings

Today brought a snow storm.  So I am getting some much needed office time.  When the snow disappears the arena will be ready to ride in again.  I have several different trees, Double J, Lynn McKenzie and Pozzi to see what fits your horse.  This is the time of year to get the correct saddle and bit that fits you and your horse.  I specialize in saddle fit and helping to find that correct bit for your horse.  Scheduling barrel racing lessons, and Leg saver treatments for your horse to get you ready for the 2017 season.

I have listed on the web site a really nice used Lynn McKenzie Special barrel saddle for sale.  This is a great saddle, just one of the many I have here at the Tanner Time Training Center for you to try.

Results for 3-12-17 Barrel Race

We had a great barrel race today.  God blessed us with great weather during the barrel race.   Next race will be April 26th.  We are also offering pole bending after the barrel race.  Winning today’s Pole Bending was Kodey Hoss with a 22.204 winning $52

Tanner Time Training Center Barrel Race March 12th 2017
Division Place Draw RFN RLN Horse Total Time Payout
1 1 10 Jacobi Larson KC 18.331 $86.00
1 2 7 Janine Barr Rooster 18.584 $57.00
1 3 6 Teresa Jessop Ozzie 18.617 $0.00
1 4 11 Stephanie Spitz Frenchy 18.634 $0.00
2 1 17 Jacobi Larson JayJay 18.847 $77.00
2 2 9 Rachel Jackson Boogie 18.972 $51.00
2 3 2 Jacobi Larson Cisco 19.050 $0.00
2 4 4 Randa Becco Maggie 19.141 $0.00
2 5 8 Kasey Berry Ready Cash 19.280 $0.00
2 6 1 Leah Koonte Harry 19.298 $0.00
3 1 14 Lori Diodosio Frost 19.470 $66.00
3 2 15 Mariah Dermody Buck 19.544 $44.00
4 1 13 Theresa Willey Spanish T-Bone 20.142 $57.00
4 2 16 Ashton Elliott Randy 20.544 $38.00
4 3 5 Jessy Burten Zippin Cool 20.808 $0.00
4 4 3 Rajeana Thompson WR Jet biscuit 23.983 $0.00
0 12 Kodey Hoss Czar 999.999 $0.00

Used Bits for Sale

Here are some used bits & a New CJ bit for sale at the Cowgirl Candy Store Contact me if you are interested in purchasing these bits.

Used Parelli Myler bit Cradle C1, MB 04 Size 5 Stainless steel cradle C1 shank with sweet iron low port comfort snaffle. (MB 04, Level 2) Copper inlay mouth. Working together since September 2006, Parelli USA and Myler Bits have designed a new Parelli Myler series of bits to compliment the Parelli Natural horsemanship program.
Retails for $219.95 selling used for $125.00  
CJB-262 New Charmayne James bit – smooth snaffle 7.5 shank.  For a light pickup at the barrel for a younger horse.  Retails for $64.95  Selling now for $54.95  (This bit is no longer made by Professional Choice)

Used Charmayne James bit 10″ long shank with smooth snaffle, pretzel mouth piece.  This bit is great for a light mouthed horse that needs some lifting at the barrel.  New sold for $65 selling used for $45.   (This bit is no longer made by Professional Choice)