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Barrel Races at the Tanner Time Training Center

Firewater’s Faith Winning SCBRA Horse with Most Heart and SECCC Year End 1-D saddle

Firewater’s Faith went out on top.  Her death came as a sock to many.  But her memory will live on for years to come.  Faith and I ended up 6th over all in the Open competition for SCBRA and once again she was voted “Horse With The Most Heart” by the SCBRA members.  Faith won this prestigious award the year she won the SCBRA Novice horse in 2013.  Her first year in competition.  So need less to say this was a overwhelming surprise to Shane and I at the awards dinner.   That the members felt she should be honored with the award again for 2017, her last year on earth.  Thank you SCBRA members for your love of Faith and I.   For full year-end results for SCBRA you can go to: “Southern Colorado Barrel Racing Assoc.”  Facebook page.

Firewaters Faith 2008-2017

Faith and I won the year end 1-D saddle for SECCC.  She went into the lead in August and was able to hold on to it even after her death. Winning three barrel races in a row in August gave her a huge lead.  Faith always wanted to prove she was the best but I was not always able to ride her to the best of her potential. I look forward to riding her in heaven where I will be able to ride her to her full potential.  Faith won the 1-D saddle for SECCC three years in a row starting with  2015.  She was a winner and a champion in many different arenas and I did enjoy the ride and the places she took Shane and I in a few short years.

Final SECCC 2017 POINTs

 1-D Winners,

Oct 15th was the last barrel race of the season for the Lamar SECCC.  After the Barrel Race was the awards potluck dinner and awards presentation.

Results 10-15-17

2-D Winners
3-D Winners
4-D winners
Pee Wees
Youth Year End Winners
Barrel Setters

SECCC Results for August put Firewaters Faith On Top of the 1-D

Lamar’s barrel races to end up August were fast and exciting.   Barrel races will continue through October for the SECCC series.  You do not have to be a member to run and all races are SCBRA approved.  Karisa and her staff go out of their way to make you feel welcome and they produce a great barrel race week after week.

8-22-17 RESULTS                        

8-29-17 RESULTS

Sceduled barrel races: Sept. 5th – Las Animas Fairgrounds, Las Animas

Sept 12th – Sand & Sage Fairgrounds, Lamar

Sept 19th – Sand & Sage Fairgrounds, Lamar

Sept. 26th – Las Animas Fairgrounds, Las Animas

Ride Time:​Tuesday’s 5:45 – 6:15
​Sunday’s 1:30 – 2:00
Exhibitions:​Tuesday’s 6:15 – 7:00
​Sunday’s 2:00 – 2:45
Race Begins:​Tuesday’s 7:00
​Sunday’s 2:45

Oct. 1st – Sand & Sage Fairgrounds, Lamar

Oct. 8th – Las Animas Fairgrounds

Oct. 15th – Sand & Sage Fairgrounds, Lamar

Additional Race Dates for the Eads & Springfield Fairs will be announced at a later time!

FMI: Karisa Brookshire – 719-940-4880

Tanner Time Training Center Happenings

Today brought a snow storm.  So I am getting some much needed office time.  When the snow disappears the arena will be ready to ride in again.  I have several different trees, Double J, Lynn McKenzie and Pozzi to see what fits your horse.  This is the time of year to get the correct saddle and bit that fits you and your horse.  I specialize in saddle fit and helping to find that correct bit for your horse.  Scheduling barrel racing lessons, and Leg saver treatments for your horse to get you ready for the 2017 season.

I have listed on the web site a really nice used Lynn McKenzie Special barrel saddle for sale.  This is a great saddle, just one of the many I have here at the Tanner Time Training Center for you to try.

Results for 3-12-17 Barrel Race

We had a great barrel race today.  God blessed us with great weather during the barrel race.   Next race will be April 26th.  We are also offering pole bending after the barrel race.  Winning today’s Pole Bending was Kodey Hoss with a 22.204 winning $52

Tanner Time Training Center Barrel Race March 12th 2017
Division Place Draw RFN RLN Horse Total Time Payout
1 1 10 Jacobi Larson KC 18.331 $86.00
1 2 7 Janine Barr Rooster 18.584 $57.00
1 3 6 Teresa Jessop Ozzie 18.617 $0.00
1 4 11 Stephanie Spitz Frenchy 18.634 $0.00
2 1 17 Jacobi Larson JayJay 18.847 $77.00
2 2 9 Rachel Jackson Boogie 18.972 $51.00
2 3 2 Jacobi Larson Cisco 19.050 $0.00
2 4 4 Randa Becco Maggie 19.141 $0.00
2 5 8 Kasey Berry Ready Cash 19.280 $0.00
2 6 1 Leah Koonte Harry 19.298 $0.00
3 1 14 Lori Diodosio Frost 19.470 $66.00
3 2 15 Mariah Dermody Buck 19.544 $44.00
4 1 13 Theresa Willey Spanish T-Bone 20.142 $57.00
4 2 16 Ashton Elliott Randy 20.544 $38.00
4 3 5 Jessy Burten Zippin Cool 20.808 $0.00
4 4 3 Rajeana Thompson WR Jet biscuit 23.983 $0.00
0 12 Kodey Hoss Czar 999.999 $0.00

SECCC Year Ends

Well another year is in the books for SECCC and I would like to say congratulations to all the year-end winners.  Thanks to our great members we as always had some great awards to  give out.  2016-seccc-points-final  for pictures of winners go to Facebook page SECCC


I am so proud of my horse Firewater’s Faith for winning the 1-D saddle for the year end and making a super fast run for the final race.

Also proud of my Daughter Sky Mae and her Freckles Pistol Annie for winning the 3-D year-end saddle

and my granddaughter Braylee Mae Pharo being one of the smallest pee wee and doing really great for her last run of the year.  Stepping up to a bigger pony Big Shot.

We are a family of barrel racers.




SECCC May 17th Open Results

It was a chilly night for the Lamar saddle series barrel race.

1-D25Lana BrownSnazzy Leader17.934118.00
7Jo Ann KaneRussel18.33270.00
21Jo Ann KaneWilson18.39647.00
2-D83671Dwana SalisburyMiss Victoria Secrets18.468101.00
26Stephanie SpitzFrenchy18.51261.00
12Julie RydbergMarlo18.54440.00
561276Angie HossFrosted Eyes18.628
591404Jessi PeekPrairie Dasher18.628
16Bailey BolbachReiny18.716
3Shay SpitzRocky18.721
37Kelly ValdezFly Back Jess18.882
3-D17Justina MundellDiamond19.11267.00
22Talara CoenWin19.22340.00
242240Karisa BrookshireWrangler19.40827.00
4-D15Leeann RidleyRena19.44051.00
1411725Sky Mae PharoFreckles Pistol Annie19.63930.00
1MacKenna ParkerBluebell19.66720.00
7011725Sky Mae PharoReckless French Kiss19.733
4Ashley ClynckeSilverado Brandon19.740
5Nicole SpainhoulerKing General Smoke19.756
50Talara CoenSuperman19.939
2Tami TravisLightening20.008
10Toni GreenBucky20.214
96151Tracy HousholderSassy Steel20.626
11Shay SpitzDaisy21.735
62240Karisa BrookshireScotchy99.99943.458
181276Angie HossEyesa Tiny Jet Guy99.99958.972
191404Jessi PeekTribolt Trickster99.99920.564
20McKayla VashusGem99.99918.376



May 10th results for SECCC

Results for May 10th posted on SECCC below

Count Draw#BBR#ContestantHorseTimeNT$$ 
11D 117McKayla VashusGem17.988$137.00
2222240Karisa BrookshireScotchy17.989$103.00
3325Lana BrownSnazzy18.090$68.00
44413334Lanette PritchardFirewater's Faith18.092$34.00
526Julie RydbergMarlo18.119
61JoAnn KaneHerbert18.177
7181276Angie HossEyesa Tiny Jet Guy18.241
8402945Lorie DiodosioMake Mine Strawberry18.302
922JoAnn KaneWilson18.416
1019Bailey BalbachReiny18.470
112D 1611725Sky Mae PharoFreckles Pistol Annie18.490$117.00
122451404Jessi PeekPrairie Dasher18.500$87.00
133491276Angie HossFrosted Eyes18.531$58.00
14431393Leslie MorrisCleat Ta Fame18.771$29.00
1529Mackinzey JohnsonMoms Royal Firewater18.891
16249544Ellie KravigSpotlight The Bully18.914
173D 116Justina MundellDiamond19.268$78.00
1827Steph SpitzRocky19.287$58.00
1933311725Sky Mae PharoReclkess French Kiss19.298$39.00
204D 143Andrea TrahernFly19.495$58.00
21223Sarah TrosperFaith19.580$44.00
22335Lindsey CadeBright Streak Colonel19.742$29.00
23412pendingAshley ClynckeSilverado Brandon19.840$15.00
2410Brandi NeviusSirtificate19.941
25322240Karisa BrookshireWrangler20.073
26343671Dwana SalisburyGentleman's Dash20.094
273711310Tori HawksPeaches20.123
284Kim PattonFresca20.450
29116151Tracy HousholderSassy Steel20.666
3027Toni GreenBucky20.677
3120Mandi ConleyKukuy20.841
3231Tammi TravisLightening21.896
3351404Jessi PeekTribolt Trickster99.99919.61
3482014Julie DorenkampRita99.99920.090
35911310Tori HawksLilly99.99930.779
36142945Lorie DiodosioEl Rey Miracle99.99920.216
3715pendingNicole SpainhowerKing General Smoke99.99920.197
38213671Dwana SalisburyMiss Victoria Secrets99.99917.980
3928ShiAnn PattonPattons Jet Drum (aka Hummer)99.99926.296
4030MacKenna ParkerBluebell99.99920.223
4138Talara CoenWin99.99918.355
424811918LeeAnn RidleyRena99.99918.775