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Cyber Monday Sale on

Cyber Monday Sale at the Cowgirl Candy
Free Shipping on all Cyber Monday sale items
$100 off custom saddle orders and free shipping, Double J Saddles, Lynn McKenzie, Pozzi saddles,Cactus Saddles, Alamo Saddles, Colorado Saddlery Saddles Call today to order your saddle.

For Sale Jackie Jatzlau Treeless Barrel Racer Saddle

14″ seat This saddle is in great condition

This treeless barrel saddle was designed in collaboration with Jackie Jatzlau for racers who want freedom to move (stand up) in the saddle without feeling constrained by the security of a typical barrel saddle.

The treeless design provides the close contact that riders are looking for today along with the freedom for your horse to move naturally – bending with him around the barrels.

The fleece lined neoprene skirt keeps your saddle secure and, over time, forms to your horse’s configuration.

A laid back cantle and low profile swell provide the freedom that this saddle is known for while forward hung stirrups allow the rider to keep their feet from getting behind.

Owner would like to sell this saddle for $1200 OBO

This saddle is located at Logan Training stables in Glendale AZ

Contact Lanette at 719-469-3949 for more info



Tanner Time Training Center Happenings

Today brought a snow storm.  So I am getting some much needed office time.  When the snow disappears the arena will be ready to ride in again.  I have several different trees, Double J, Lynn McKenzie and Pozzi to see what fits your horse.  This is the time of year to get the correct saddle and bit that fits you and your horse.  I specialize in saddle fit and helping to find that correct bit for your horse.  Scheduling barrel racing lessons, and Leg saver treatments for your horse to get you ready for the 2017 season.

I have listed on the web site a really nice used Lynn McKenzie Special barrel saddle for sale.  This is a great saddle, just one of the many I have here at the Tanner Time Training Center for you to try.

Used Bits for Sale

Here are some used bits & a New CJ bit for sale at the Cowgirl Candy Store Contact me if you are interested in purchasing these bits.

Used Parelli Myler bit Cradle C1, MB 04 Size 5 Stainless steel cradle C1 shank with sweet iron low port comfort snaffle. (MB 04, Level 2) Copper inlay mouth. Working together since September 2006, Parelli USA and Myler Bits have designed a new Parelli Myler series of bits to compliment the Parelli Natural horsemanship program.
Retails for $219.95 selling used for $125.00  
CJB-262 New Charmayne James bit – smooth snaffle 7.5 shank.  For a light pickup at the barrel for a younger horse.  Retails for $64.95  Selling now for $54.95  (This bit is no longer made by Professional Choice)

Used Charmayne James bit 10″ long shank with smooth snaffle, pretzel mouth piece.  This bit is great for a light mouthed horse that needs some lifting at the barrel.  New sold for $65 selling used for $45.   (This bit is no longer made by Professional Choice)

Buy your Flair Equine Nasal Strips Now !!!

You can now buy your Flair Equine Nasal Strips on my web site  faithcprafinals15 win_20160912_16_51_48_pro

I have also just updated and added a used Pozzi Pro Racer barrel saddle for sale on my web site.

SBP100B Left
SBP100B Left
SBP100B left
SBP100B left
14 1/2" seat ready to ship
14 1/2″ seat ready to ship

I will have this saddle and the Flair strips with me in Denver for the CPRA Finals if you would like to try them.

New & Used saddles posted on web site

I just added one Pozzi Pro Racer 14 1/2″ seat barrel saddle for sale on the Cowgirl Candy Store Web site, a used trophy Lynn McKenzie Barrel Saddle 14″, two used silver trophy saddles, and one really nice riding saddle for only $250.  Check them out.  We also have lots of bits to choose from and other tack.


Used Lynn McKenzie Wide Fit For Sale

Used Lynn McKenzie Wide Fit tree for sale
Used Lynn McKenzie Wide Fit tree for sale 

This Lynn McKenzie Wide Fit tree saddle I ordered as a trophy saddle.  This is the last saddle my mare Pistol won in 2012.  I did not get the saddle until 2013 and I only rode it for one year.  It is in great shape and has the breast collar and headstall to match.  I am only selling this saddle because I don’t need it and it is just sitting in the store.  Rides great and fits a wide, shoulder and back horse.

3/4 southwest tooling, with the brown vintage leather color, lettering is a cream color, seat is a 14″ Safari elephant seat that will never wear out, it has antique berry conchos with dots and flower beads for a border on the skirt and cantle.  I also have the Sandberg Turned out stirrups on this saddle. This saddle retails for $3,595 and I am selling it as a used saddle for $2850