Firewater Faith’s Winning Run

Faith and I have been so blessed to get to run not only at some of the top barrel races in the country but also some rodeos.  We have not always walked away with a check but we have learned from it.  Rodeo I have found to be the biggest challenge for horse and riders.  A horse can be a really great barrel horse in perfect or nicer than usual ground conditions, and center gates at large  barrel races. But when you start hauling them to rodeos its a whole new ball game.  When  you have rodeo ground, different pattern set ups, side gate situations and much more at rodeos. You find out after about the first year if your barrel horse can make it in the rodeo world. Last year we had our ups and downs but gave me a opportunity to learn and I can share it with my students.  If you are wanting to learn more about making a rodeo horse contact me for a group clinic or individual clinic.