Horses For Sale

This is a page that I will use to promote and publicize the horses I have for sale here at the Tanner Time Training Center

Our Smart Lips a 2008 red dun mare.


     (Lena) is a beautiful mare that is a daughter of Smartest who is a grandson of the amazing Smart Chic Olena. His record speaks for itself. Lena is a mare who was bought off the Wagner ranch as a two-year-old by someone who did not truly know what they had. This mare sat for 5 years. Lena has a fancy fancy handle. This mare knows flying lead changes, counter arcs, lateral flex, and will spin a hole in the ground, with a huge stop. Lena has been lightly started on a barrel pattern and has had a rope swung over her back. I have ridden the mare in the feed yard and she knows cows. She is not per say finished other than just fancy broke as I said the mare sat. We have only had the mare for five months and she was just kind of put on the back burner here. So, she is for sale. This mare will go on and finish as a very nice horse rather you want ranch versatility, penning, sorting, barrels, poles, or breakaway to list a few. I think she is one that will make a super nice all-around horse with someone who has just a bit of time to stay with her. She hauls like a dream, clips, bathes, stands for farrier, and is nice to be around on the ground and on her back.  Herse the nitty gritty though, do not ask me if this mare is kid broke. Kid broke is a matter of opinion, this mare is beyond athletic and will spin out from under someone who can’t ride, she is very light and sensitive to leg pressure. Would I allow my five-year-old granddaughter to ride the mare yes? But she also is very handy and ridden since she was 10 months old. Therefore, if your child can set one that is fancy broke and ready for a job I will leave that in your hands. Now this mare is not a stall baby anymore and has bumps and scrapes she is a horse and treated as so at my house. she does act like a mare, she has been known to kick the fence at other horses and she is the boss when turned in on other horses.  Keep her penned alone you will have no trouble.  I will keep riding the mare as long as she is here so she will not be setting. I am not asking much for the mare because as I said she has been on the back burner here at my house and is not exactly what I am looking for. Come try her you will not be disappointed if a good using mare with a great handle is what you are looking for. Please contact me,  I am at $5500.00 firm no trades of any kind. I do not own the mare selling her for a client, this mare does not fit her program or mine.  Thank you and God Bless