Used Bits for Sale

Here are some used bits & a New CJ bit for sale at the Cowgirl Candy Store Contact me if you are interested in purchasing these bits.

Used Parelli Myler bit Cradle C1, MB 04 Size 5 Stainless steel cradle C1 shank with sweet iron low port comfort snaffle. (MB 04, Level 2) Copper inlay mouth. Working together since September 2006, Parelli USA and Myler Bits have designed a new Parelli Myler series of bits to compliment the Parelli Natural horsemanship program.
Retails for $219.95 selling used for $125.00  
CJB-262 New Charmayne James bit – smooth snaffle 7.5 shank.  For a light pickup at the barrel for a younger horse.  Retails for $64.95  Selling now for $54.95  (This bit is no longer made by Professional Choice)

Used Charmayne James bit 10″ long shank with smooth snaffle, pretzel mouth piece.  This bit is great for a light mouthed horse that needs some lifting at the barrel.  New sold for $65 selling used for $45.   (This bit is no longer made by Professional Choice)

SECCC Year Ends

Well another year is in the books for SECCC and I would like to say congratulations to all the year-end winners.  Thanks to our great members we as always had some great awards to  give out.  2016-seccc-points-final  for pictures of winners go to Facebook page SECCC


I am so proud of my horse Firewater’s Faith for winning the 1-D saddle for the year end and making a super fast run for the final race.

Also proud of my Daughter Sky Mae and her Freckles Pistol Annie for winning the 3-D year-end saddle

and my granddaughter Braylee Mae Pharo being one of the smallest pee wee and doing really great for her last run of the year.  Stepping up to a bigger pony Big Shot.

We are a family of barrel racers.




Results & Points for SECCC barrel races

Jamie Werkowitch is having a big race this weekend Oct 14-16, in Syracuse, KS ….so I have decided to start our SECCC race 1 hour later…..this will allow time for people to make both races, since hers starts in the morning.
So this Sunday we will be starting exhibitions at 2:00_3:15 with PeeWee , Youth And Open to follow!
Just send me a text or call if you are heading to both races and I’ll get you entered in ours if you are running late!
Our October 23rd race will be our last one for the year. It will start Exhibitions at 1:00PM and Pee Wees start at 2:15PM. We will have a pot luck dinner after the race to give out our year-end awards. We will be awarding 15 places in the Pee-Wees. Everyone is in invited to attend. Thanks SECCC for all your hard work this year to produce some great barrel races.

New & Used saddles posted on web site

I just added one Pozzi Pro Racer 14 1/2″ seat barrel saddle for sale on the Cowgirl Candy Store Web site, a used trophy Lynn McKenzie Barrel Saddle 14″, two used silver trophy saddles, and one really nice riding saddle for only $250.  Check them out.  We also have lots of bits to choose from and other tack.


Sand & Sage Fair Barrel Race Results

Well, its already August and the Arkansas Valley Fair is here in Rocky Ford but in Lamar the SECCC series continues.  SECCC had the Tuesday night barrel race August 2nd here are the results   8-2-16 Results

Sand and Sage Fair Barrel race is one of the high lights of the SECCC series and this year had some great barrel racing from Pee Wees to Open.


Pee Wee Champ Collin Green
  Pee Wee Champ Collin Green
Youth Champ Audrey Rau
Youth Champ Audrey Rau
Open  Champ Lanette Pritchard
Open Champ Lanette Pritchard 

8-10-16 Results Sand & Sage Fair Barrel Racing results

8-16-16 Results

Next Lamar barrel race will be August 23rd