Treating horses with electro-stim Leg saver

Do you have a horse that is just not healing as fast as you would like?

I will do a full exam on your horse to find the inflammation or pain and soreness from head to tail.  Than you and I will discuss your options for treatment.

All hind end soreness in horses including asoturia or tying-up can be eliminated in one or two treatments. . Body soreness eliminated in one to two treatments. This annoying problem needs only one to two treatments. You will be amazed with the results.

Stifle soreness or lameness can be repaired fast. This is the only comprehensive treatment for the Stifle. . All you Barrel Racers and Standardbred Race horses will find the LEG SAVER indispensable. You will keep the Stifles sound and the performances will be consistently better. This treatment is easy and very responsive in a couple of treatments. We suggest that injecting the stifle is a very bad idea as it is very short term and creates long term damage.

Lung bleeding or hemorrhaging in horses can be eliminated in a very short time. This is an amazing treatment for racehorses. We have a 85% success rate at the present time. We actually stimulate blood flow to the Lung Tissue which allows better blood flow the tissue therefore strengthening them.

Hunter Bump / Sacroiliac: bring your hoses hind end into balance and get rid of the pain. Osslets can be conquered in a week. Check Ligaments can be rehabilitated quickly. Shoulder Pain can be cured in a few days. Colic and Stomach disorders remedied quickly. Immune System Stimulation in Horses: Eliminate viruses as well as rebuild the appetite.

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